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Autumn in the High Sierra (Come Walk with Me…)

November, 2013 | Categories: | Comments: 0

I am often asked what it is like, out there, photographing in beautiful places. As someone who has spent a lifetime in wild places, it can be difficult to answer the question, to communicate with any amount of coherent sincerity the wholesale commitment of body and spirit to being there. Perhaps, "You have to be there", comes closest.

You have to experience sublime landscapes and wildest nature with the cold wind on your sleepy face as the dawning sun crests a distant ridge, (...)

Middle Fork of the Salmon River

November, 2010 | Categories: | Comments: 1




While the middle of July found me still waiting out the late season's summer snow-melt and what was then being reported as legendary clouds of mosquitoes in the Sierra high country, I made the "mistake" of checking river water levels on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, in central Idaho. It was still going strong at a nearly ideal 2.5 feet on the Midddle Fork Gauge after a healthy northern U.S. Rocky Mountain winter snow-pack. Two and a half feet ensures a decent flow through the pooled portions of the (...)

Lake Reflection (2009)

June, 2010 | Categories: | Comments: 0


I'm kicking off the Further Adventures News section with a latter Further Adventure, old news - olds, if you will (click on any recent image to see a larger version).


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