The following is an ongoing list of traditional film resources that I use and recommend:

  • Freestyle Photographic - Freestyle may be last stronghold of traditional photography. They are to be applauded and supported for their commitment to searching out and making available silver based printing papers and films. I am fortunate to live only about a half an hour's drive from their Hollywood location.
  • Badger Graphic - Badger is a leading internet based source of large and medium format cameras, lenses, etc.
  • B & H - Although slowly, but inexorably, downsizing their once huge traditional photo departments, this mega-store of photography still stocks many hard to find darkroom items.
  • Photographers' Formulary - As complete a source of chemicals and wet photography products as you'll find anywhere.
  • K.B. Canham Cameras - Keith Canham is a modern designer of large format cameras. Though selling only through dealers, he always seems to be (inexplicably) available to discuss support issues involving his cameras by telephone.
  • DigitalTruth Photo - Contrary to the name, this is a solid objective source of film and developer information.




  • REI - An outdoor gear co-operative, Recreational Equipment, Inc. has been member owned since 1938.
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